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Thread: Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear

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    Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear

    Starting Sunday night I had bad gas and bloated, tried a probiotic and next day I felt brain fog, achy joint and some loose stool and gas again. I also have some tenderness in tailbone from time to time. I CrossFit and have really tight hamstrings.
    Yesterday and today I still have gas after eating something and still is loose with a little mucus today, this will sound weird but my stool and gas feel “hot”. Slight upset stomach after i eat. My stomach feels nervous and grumbles a lot. This is g
    Not that it matters but I had colonoscopy 8 years ago bc they thought i had crohns but I didn’t.
    So i am nervous and worrying that is can be colon/rectal/stomach cancer...anyone have some similar experience
    thanks for your support and help

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    Re: Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear

    I have had irritable bowel syndrome for thirty years. It sounds like exactly what you are experiencing. I usually wait until my symptoms have lasted six weeks before I see my doctor about them. I already have a diagnosis though.

    You might feel a lot better if you talk to a doctor about this. I don’t know how old you are, but I think it’s much more likely that you’ve just eaten something or have a bug than that you have cancer.

    Hugs to you,

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    Re: Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear

    Quote Originally Posted by 4bready View Post
    this will sound weird but my stool and gas feel “hot”.

    Is it to do with body temp? Stands to reason they'll be warm. Some of mine are fireballs, but that's when I've been on the hot madras.

    So i am nervous and worrying that is can be colon/rectal/stomach cancer...anyone have some similar experience
    thanks for your support and help
    Sounds like good old IBS to me.
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    Re: Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear

    Hi and thanks for response...I am 45. I don't feel sick or like nauseous or anything. So it has been going on for 12 days now...2 days of constipation 2-3 days of diarrhea and about 6-7 days of loose/watery stool. I get nervous before going to bathroom dreading..I have had smaller bouts like this before of maybe 3-4 days but nothing this long. My stomach makes all kid of noises after eating or going to bathroom...I am so terrified I have some cancer :(
    Can IBS last that long and have watery/diarrhea that frequent?

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    Stomach Issues and scared...

    Hey folks.
    I posted about a month ago as I had some issues with diarrhea, awful gas, bloating, stomach rumbling, burning in stomach and soft stool after eating something. I then have been having awful anxiety since then bc I was worried about colon cancer. So its been 4 weeks now, I still have soft stool and some bloating, but now I feel a gnawing feeling in stomach that happens after eating. I also feel full after eating and then like a gnawing hungry feeling that scares me. I also feel a little acidity in throat. I went to my primary last week, he ran blood tests (pancreas, liver, kidney, and regular labs) all came back fine. He did stool test and checked for blood and h-pylori and both were negative. I wasn't having the gnawing feeling at that point that started about 5 days ago. I started Prilosec bc of the stomach rumbling and burning in stomach and that seems to have gone down but this gnawing feeling scares me as I read it can be sign of stomach cancer. I have not been eating as much bc I am scared of that feeling and also bc I was having soft stools, as a result I am down 5 pounds in the past 4 weeks. I have never had issue with reflux before and I am 45. I have had stomach issues for better part of 25 years but never for this long. I have had colonoscopy 8 years ago that was clean. Has anyone had stomach cancer fears and can relate to this? I am so frustrated and mad at myself. Thanks guys

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    Re: Colon/Stomach Cancer Fear


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