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Thread: Pain deep in one side of neck and behind ear - glasses related??

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    Pain deep in one side of neck and behind ear - glasses related??


    I've been getting a discomfort in the left side of my neck for some time, its not a crick, or a stiff neck or from sleeping funny, it feels inner, structural. So I am worried that it is my arteries furring up or something dreadful.

    Coincidentally, I have worn glasses for ages - reluctantly so they aren't a constant feature, but so I can see to read or type etc. I've often felt a dint behind my ears where the glasses arm sits, but never had pain from them. Got new glasses early December and did point it out but she said it can often happen but doesn't cause any problems.

    However the new glasses are either sitting at a different point or tighter, and are causing definite discomfort predominantly behind the left ear, so much so I have to angle them right up so that I can see but they aren't in the same position. I need to go back in the next few days and ask them to adjust them. I wonder if the 2 things are related?

    Has anybody had similar? My obvious thought about the neck is something catastrophic and I don't want to link them at risk of ignoring something I should be getting checked out.
    Thank you in advance x

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    Head / ear / neck can anybody help please?

    Sorry to be a bit long winded but I have several things I am worried about I wondered if anybody can help??

    I posted the other day about pain behind left ear which I worried was due to glasses arms pressing into the head. I have a dent behind each ear which I pointed out to the optician, have had this for years never bothered me but these new glasses seem to be really irritating. So I am using old glasses until I can go in to ask them to look at them.

    But I also have, not responding to painkillers:

    * discomfort down the left side of neck. Its not a stiff or muscular or slept funny type of pain, it feels an "inner" thing. It is there all the time and makes me feel sick
    * that side of the neck feels solid, no sign of swelling
    * I have also noticed that further round on that side, back of head kind of middle between back of ear and centre of neck, a large dent in skull that I don't have on the other side. I have never had a head injury.
    * when I lie down I have a loud throbbing in my head, and my neck feels like it is solid and congested.
    * that cheek goes very red, feel I am burning up but don't have a temperature.

    I am worried sick now, and know to go to GP but that in itself is a huge task! We have to complete a very long form on line and then somebody the other end decides if you get a phone call or go in to see somebody.

    Any help or guidance will be most welcome, I am going out of my mind!
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    Re: Pain deep in one side of neck and behind ear - glasses related??

    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your thread was merged with another of your threads.

    Please when posting on similar topics add it onto your previous post rather than starting a new one.

    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

    Emmz xx

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