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Thread: Leg vibrates in night

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    Leg vibrates in night

    Hi All,
    Iíve posted about this before, but never really got an answer to my question. So, I thought Iíd give it another shot.

    The ongoing symptom:
    I go through spells where I wake up with some body part shaking or trembling or vibrating or whatever. This last spell has been going on for a few months. My main concern is that I only have this happen in one limb at a time, often my left leg. Iím going in on Tuesday to see about getting the knee in this leg replaced and I donít want to mention it to the doctor if itís a super common anxiety thing. Iíve searched through this site a few times and having whole body tremors, or both leg tremors, or whatever seems pretty common, but just one limb vibrating doesnít seem as common.

    I am sooooo tired of medical tests. (I just had a brain mri because half my face went numb when I was exercising. I was relieved that I didnít have a stroke and I donít have MS. But now my GI doc thinks I might have a bowel blockage, so I have to have an X-ray for that. I also passed kidney stones and had a ct scan a few weeks ago. Iím pretty sure Iím full of radiation.) I know Iíll have to have some more tests to have my knee replaced, but Iím worried the doc will make me see a neurologist if I tell him about my current vibrations. Iím willing to do that if I have to, but UGH!!!!!!

    Does anyone wake up with just one body leg vibrating at a time?

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    Re: Leg vibrates in night

    Hi Debbie,

    I had exactly the same thing in my right leg and foot for 3 months.
    It drove me crazy!
    Eventually it just stopped and has been clear for about two months now.
    I don't know why I had it but I've had similar in other parts of the body and put it down to the nervous system.
    I didn't feel unwell in any way just incredibly tired.
    A tired nervous system can produce such symptoms.

    I've also had the numb face, loads of times. It is very common so try not to worry about it. Easier said than done, I know. But when you know other people suffer with exactly the same thing it has to reassure you.

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    Re: Leg vibrates in night

    Just letting you know that I also had same thing a few months ago. Went for MRI on brain and spine, and had nerve conduction test. All were normal. I stopped focusing on it and it pretty much went away, although if I stop and think about it I can sometimes still feel it. I have fibromyalgia but don’t know that it’s to do with that. I also get vibrations in my abdomen, that’s also been scanned a few weeks ago and clear too. Seems to be worse when I’m tired of stressed. Very weird symptom but as turns out isn’t anything of concern.

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    Re: Leg vibrates in night

    Thank you Carnation and Aussie. You really helped me out. Just having someone who can relate means a lot!
    Best, Debbie

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