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Thread: Eating with dirty hands

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    Eating with dirty hands

    My mother just came from a store and didn't wash her hands immediately but she ate a chocolate candy and I am so scared that she could get coronavirus from eating with dirty hands.
    We have less cases in my country right now but I am in panic and don't know how to cope right now. I warned her and she spat the candy out and washed her mouth with water but I am still worried.
    The irony of it is that we were extremely careful all the time and now this.

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    I can't counting days anymore, waiting for her to get sick or not, I am considering suicide. I can't be put on the ventilator, I don't want that agony, I am overweight and I will die if I get it.

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    First - just because you are overweight does not in any way mean you will definitely die if you get Covid. If it did, we’d have way, way more deaths from this than we already do. Far too much of the worlds population is overweight.

    They are saying now that it’s much more likely to catch Covid from respiratory droplets than from touching surfaces. So while it’s important to have good hand hygiene as a rule, it’s not as likely she’ll catch Covid this way. Try to breathe and think logically. It will all be ok

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    Thank you. I have been better for weeks because cases here dropped a bit but the new strains came to my country and I am scared more than ever. I have a health anxiety for years and this pandemic affects me very much.
    I really hope me and my family will survive till the vaccine. Thanks again.

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    I know it’s so hard because I struggle with this as well. I’m relatively young (41) and have no underlying health issues, other than being extremely overweight. So in my mind, I am afraid as well that should I catch this, it will be a death sentence automatically.

    I just have to keep reminding myself that there are so, so many people in this world that are overweight. If that alone was enough to finish you off if you have Covid, well the death rate would be far higher than it is.

    Also worth mentioning that being so overweight can lead to a wealth of other health issues. So while it’s easier said than done, now might be a great time to start working on losing some of that weight (and it would be fantastic if I could take some of my own advice here lol). I know it’s extremely hard though.

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    I also have a thyroid issue, autoimmune disease, they say it is not a risk factor like some other autoimmune diseases but I am scared, sometimes my health anxiety tells me that maybe I have other underlying issues that I don't know of so it is really hard. We should focus on losing weight but I keep stress eating and crave for carbs so it is very tough. I just want that this pandemic ends.

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    Re: Eating with dirty hands

    A lady who's garden backs on to ours had covid before Xmas. She is very overweight due to medication she takes for fibromyalgia. She's fine now as my daughter is friends with her son
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