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Thread: Really scared of mnd als

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    Really scared of mnd als

    Right firstly suffer with health anexity. Been on here for other worries but i am totally convinced i have mnd or als.... all started september when i began having body twitching in feet hands toes arms mouth face back everywhere.... also my legs and arms feel really weak like writing this is a effort with my fingers.. my arms feel heavy my legs feel wobbly and i get dizzy... what really set me off was i watched the documentry about rob burrows and since i have be3n a wreck. I am 30 years old... my speach also seems weird to me but not others inhave every symptom it seems that fits with all the 4 types you can have.... iv seen 2 doctors both not worried at all. I can still do all normal things its just alot more difficult or seems it.. everything seems heavyer that usual like shopping bags kettle just holding my phone.. my fingers shake my hands hurt.. i need some reasurrence.. like i no its rare but i am.certain inhave it. The twitching is all over.. i will say i have low vit d and not taking any meds for it so that wont be helping.. also all these symptombs started whilst i was in prison banged up 23 hours a day everyday for 5 month and i lost my uncle just before this happennd... so lack of excersie not eating propelry and ammense stress could be clues... the doc also mentioned he thinks it could be my previous alchol abuse thats causing theae symptombs.. plz i no no1 is a doctor here but the support is lovely... scared so much of mnd.. so inhave wobbly fingers pins and needles now and then fluttery feelings in legs weak legs and muscles... stiffness tootaches have had problems swallowing heartburn feet feel like am walking on water kind of. Dizzyness vision disrtubances... iv lost weight..
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    Re: Really scared of mnd als


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    Re: Really scared of mnd als

    I don’t think I’m necessarily one to speak on this but you have so many different symptoms throughout your body. Read the sticky at the top. It explains everything you are going through and I would chalk your issues up to stress, anxiety, and maybe even the alcohol withdrawal. Rob Burrow had bulbar and if you watched the doc you would know he had slurred speech and that’s what made him get checked (a friend of his asked him if he had been drinking). I’m not a doctor but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try to see one and get on a medication or start with a counselor or even begin taking a daily vitamin D3. You’re describing a ton of stress and anxiety symptoms. Best thing to do is visit with a doctor. Seems like you have had a hard last 5 months. Relax and take care of yourself

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    Re: Really scared of mnd als


    Yeah honestly as @Cmartz2 has said above, it sounds like your symptoms could all be attributed to stress/anxiety. You also mentioned you've seen a couple of doctors and both have said they aren't concerned, I would say that's very reassuring. Anxiety can make everything feel very real, but when you begin to take less notice of your symptoms, I can guarantee you will start to feel better.

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    Re: Really scared of mnd als

    Thank you for replies. Can u have all 4 types of mnd at once.... As I feel I have limb onset as hands and arms feel tired weak and painful shaky.. Then I think I have bulbar as my speech feels weird and I'm stuttering. Then I feel my legs are weak very shaky and the twitches are everywhere!!! I'm petrified..

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    Re: Really scared of mnd als

    “Feel” weak is different then actually being weak. Anxiety can cause you to “feel weak” without actually being weak. Again, not a doctor but I would think it’s very unlikely that you have all 4? Types of als at once. Twitching can be caused by anxiety. I told my therapist the other day I was twitching a lot and he right away said anxiety.

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    Re: Really scared of mnd als

    Please read THIS as many times as you need to.

    Positive thoughts
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