I was prescribed pregabalin by my phyatrist 4 days ago I'm on 50mg 3xdaily along with venlafaxine 225mg daily I'm just looking for other people experiences with it and when they noticed a change on there anxiety on the first dose I took I instantly felt calm and sleepy it don't make me feel sleepy now when I take it I took my last dose last night at 9 I woke up this morning felt anxious which I haven't really felt for the past 6 days as been struggling with anxiety and attacks worse the last 8 weeks but the last 6 days I've been feeling calm relaxed even managed to go and do a weeks shopping which to many wouldnt seem a big deal but to me I haven't left the house in 8 weeks so it was a big achievement for me but today I don't know I felt anxiety trying to creep back in with thoughts in my head like I can't breathe and that again when I know I can I've been doing well these last 6 days don't want to go backwards just wondering if I would of noticed a change already or not thank you and sorry for my long post