For me (personally) I've began to embrace (once again) this method of putting one foot in from of the other .. I keep going forward regardless of circumstance/limitations and never give up/in. I consider (both) therapy and medication(s) to be only a part of the solution, along with coping techniques and (radical) acceptance to let go of what keeps holding me back. That being said, I fully admit, I do struggle with letting go of the past - its gone - nevertheless, it has a way of 'hooking its cord' into our current being; which, in turn, pollutes our spirit and steels our joy. We can't go back an 'undo' anything, so we get up (hard as it be, some-days) and start the 1st day of the rest of our lives. Fake it till you make it, well, perhaps so.
If we use the same principle, we can make changes in many different areas of our lives. Essentially, it is a powerful type of fake it till you make it technique because we are really employing different illusory senses to make it seem real. Itís the bringing of as many various sources that can really power the method of faking it till you make it. Things start to become real even though initially it is an act.