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Thread: High Alt Levels across two blood tests

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    High Alt Levels across two blood tests

    I am a bit concerned. I had a blood test before Christmas and it normal apart from an elevated ALT reading of 130. My doctor said he wasn't too concerned and to check again in a couple of months. I wasn't too concerned either as I had been taking antibiotics prior to that test and thought that was the cause.

    Anyway fast forward to today when he called me up and said the result of the second blood test was in and everything is normal except ALT which is very high again and has risen to 162. And it's been three months since my last test.

    I don't drink a lot, maybe a max of one bottle of wine a week. I exercise and am not overweight. I am 42 with two young kids and worried about two successive very high and abnormal ALT readings. My doctor wants to send me for an ultrasound in the next few weeks. He doesn't necessarily think anything is sinister as my other blood markers were OK and I have no other symptoms but I am worried now. Everything I read about high ALT readings suggests that one very high reading could be just a temporary fluctuation but now I have two.

    What could have caused the second one? I did go on loads of different minerals and supplements just after christmas but my skin got a bit itchy so I stopped (literally about 10 pills a day). The itching has since stopped but I stopped those pills over a month ago so would have thought if they were causing anything then the reading would be dropping by now.

    I also broke a bone in my foot while out jogging a couple of days before the second test and don't know if that could have had an impact.

    All in all though I feel like I am clutching at straws a bit and am very concerned about two successive very high ALT readings when I am not a big drinker. And my readings are probably too high for even fatty liver disease so that leaves me with some pretty worrying possibilities.

    Anyone experience anything similar or have any possibly benign or non life-threatening causes for this?

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    Re: High Alt Levels across two blood tests

    Hi Natka,
    We are in the same boat. I had a high reading of ALT a couple of weeks ago at 107 and I go back for my ultrasound this week. I'm very worried because I also don't drink very much, don't do drugs, and am not excessively overweight. I'm mainly worried about autoimmune hepatitis but I'm hoping Dr. Google is just steering me the wrong way.
    I'm sorry I can't help ease your worry but maybe it helps to know you aren't the only one with this problem.

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    Re: High Alt Levels across two blood tests

    Iím in the same boat but havenít spoken to my doctor about plans yet- how did you both get on? Iím beginning to freak out about it all

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    Re: High Alt Levels across two blood tests

    Me too I already have a diagnosis of a fatty liver and being sent for scan number 2 albeit 12 year later x

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