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Thread: Concerned about possible asbestos exposure for no specific reason.

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    Re: Concerned about possible asbestos exposure for no specific reason.

    I’ve researched this, and if I am going to get mesothelioma, I can expect to get it any day now, as my potential exposure would have happened roughly 25-29 years ago. Getting mesothelioma at such a young age is not something I ever considered...
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    Re: Concerned about possible asbestos exposure for no specific reason.

    Any day day now eh? Bet a franklin (or ten) you're fine? Wadda ya say? I'll give you my PayPal link

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    Re: Concerned about possible asbestos exposure for no specific reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by beq45 View Post
    I was going to try to avoid doing this, but I think Iím going to ask my dad if he thinks anything might have had asbestos when he did renovations. I already asked him if the textured ceiling contains asbestos, because I remembered an HVAC cutting through the ceiling to install vents for the central air, but he said it is newer mud/drywall. Seeing as how my dad is pretty knowledgeable about home improvement and how asbestos has been viewed as a health threat since the 1970s, I imagine the potential for things to contain asbestos must have crossed his mind. Like I said, I know he had the old kitchen floor tested, and that was definitely asbestos-free, but my concern is mostly regarding the original walls and what was behind them. Also, the attic has fiberglass insulation, and the furnace definitely never had asbestos around it, so I canít really think of anything else that would have contained asbestos besides the old walls and maybe some old wallpaper (regular paper, not vinyl, I believe).
    It sounds like your chances of having any asbestos contact from your house are very slim. That's a good idea to ask you dad so he can address your concerns directly and let you know how unlikely it is for mesothelioma to be a problem.

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