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Thread: Low heart rate!

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    Low heart rate!

    Hi everyone. Classic health anxiety query...

    Iíve always had quite a low heart rate (around the 50s, sometimes the 40s). I do moderate exercise daily and am fairly fit. However, I fear I have bradycardia. I noticed my heart rate was low very low at one point and then started to feel tired/dizzy, but Iím not sure if these symptoms are purely psychological.

    Iíve done an ECG on my Apple Watch and my heart rhythm is normal and my blood oxygen levels are fine. Iím presuming my dizziness etc canít be related to low heart rate, because my oxygen levels are around 98/99/100% so oxygen is circulating in my body.

    Iíd appreciate any advice or reassurance. I hate the doctor, so would rather avoid if I can. Does anyone else have a low heart rate?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Low heart rate!

    I'm not sure what reassurance you need, but it's probably not the answer. You can have a 'low' heart rate for numerous reasons, but you've already stated you've always had one. Furthermore, an Apple Watch isn't even close to being an accurate indicator of actual heart rate or heart health.

    If it's something that concerns you, a Doctor is the only choice.

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    Re: Low heart rate!

    I don't know if this helps but I've always had a low heart rate. (I am having some tests done on my heart at the moment - not one of the people I've seen have ever mentioned my heart rate as any sort of problem)

    I'm taking beta blockers at the moment but without them my heart is usually around 50 whilst sat at a desk and can drop to mid 40's overnight. When I started these beta blockers it was too strong a dose and I was sat at my desk with a heart rate of around 40, I can only imagine asleep it was in the 30's and I was getting a few twinges. Now I'm on a weaker dose - no more twinges.

    I had a CT scan last week - they put the ECG leads on me and the screen had my heart rate at 52 or something - I passed comment, they said it was great. I saw a nurse yesterday and had some bloods yesterday - I mentioned the low heart rate and beta blockers and she also said 50's was great.

    I don't think they generally see it as a problem in the 40's/50's if your not having any issues - especially if your fit. Seems like it would more likely be a health issue if you've always had a low heart rate AND you've always had problems?

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