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Thread: Neck & Chin Discomfort

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    Neck & Chin Discomfort

    This ones difficult to explain (I tried yesterday with a nurse and a doctor and I don't think either of them understood the location, even I'm not sure at times.)

    I have a pain up my neck, feels nearer the surface rather than in the throat. Slightly offset to the right hand side of my neck and round to the side. It's mostly uncomfortable/constant pressure/sometimes slight burning above my adams apple and up into my chin but sometimes it feels like it goes right down to my collarbone. On the same side this discomfort that travels up into my chin follows the jawline - somewhere around the sub mandible gland? (I haven't actually been googling this one but the nurse yesterday was showing me some photos and it seemed right)

    I went to see the nurse as she wanted to have a prod and a poke and check my thyroid/take some bloods. She was poking around my sub mandible area and said she wasnt sure if they were swollen (she said she wasn't worried as it was the same on both sides) so went and got a doctor. The doctor also had a general prod and poke all the way up my neck and said they seemed normal. She checked my tongue (but from a distance - I don't know how you get people to look at your throat during this pandemic!) and said it was obvious I had a very dry mouth so prescribed some artificial saliva spray.

    I'm not surprised I have a dry mouth as I'm anxious about my potential heart problems and I'm also taking beta blockers. Has anyone dealt with a dry mouth causing pain all the way down their necks? I wasn't sure if I was having some sort of reflux again as a side effect of the beta blockers but they don't really want to go any further with this till they have my blood tests back. I kind of assume if I had an infection this would have cleared up by now or I'd have a fever or something? I find throat issues a bit odd as I basically never have them, I don't seem to ever deal with infections or get cold/flu so this is a bit out of the blue.

    Thyroid issues? a muscle issue? (TMJ?) if its not an infection I'm not sure what else it could be. My actual throat is fine - occasionally its a little sore but I can eat/drink/swallow without a problem.

    I suspect I'll get my blood test results tomorrow - I've already convinced myself they will show all sorts wrong with me so I'm dreading that one, they didn't feel any swelling so I guess thats a bonus.

    I just wondered if anyone had got anywhere with similar sounding issues. This has gone on now for about 4-5 weeks (which is about the amount of time I've been taking beta blockers - so it seems odd if they are not related!)

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    Re: Neck & Chin Discomfort

    Hi! I was wondering how you're doing now? I've had this feeling before and it turned out to be TMJ (I have massive issues with clenching my jaw and it's caused some discomfort along my cheek/down my chin and during really stressful times down my neck!)

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    Re: Neck & Chin Discomfort

    Hi LouiseAndy

    A month on and its exactly the same.

    I got some text messages back from the doctor a couple of days after I wrote all that saying they had 3 results back and all were fine with no follow up needed.

    I got the artificial spray which doesn't seem to do much but since I've paid for it I might as well use it.

    I've been trying to ignore things but as I still haven't heard anything back about my heart CT scan I'm probably still very subconsciously on edge and do seem to get stressed easily at the moment. (I'd like to think not hearing anything in nearly 4 weeks is a good thing but during a pandemic who knows)

    I think it does possibly get more noticeable if I'm particularly stressed about something at the time but in the last 2 months it doesn't seem to get any worse it just comes and goes to varying degrees.

    I wanted to get my ct scan results then go down the path of vitamin deficiencies (My diet is terrible so its plausible) or TMJ as it does sound quite relatable!

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