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Thread: Weird symptoms

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    Weird symptoms

    I know this sounds mad but here goes. I have a constant feeling of shaking, heart racing very short of breath. Have pain down left arm and neck. Went to hospital ecg, many bloods all fine was relieved but still getting this. now I do have a neck problem which could cause the arm pain also hiatal hernia and reflux. The thing is it feels like my breast sticks in my solar plexus region, where ribs end in front. Feels sore Had abdominal scans etc nothing. So can anxiety cause all this. I have got worse in last two weeks since I had my vaccination but had had spells of this before but not 24/7. Was not anxious before but am now. Feel jittery too even in sleep. Any advice

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    Hi Maria,

    I can't say whether this is normal but from my personal experience I've had physical symptoms of anxiety for about a year now. And it all came out of the blue, I have arm pains, deserialization, chest pains that always seem to be a little different. Been to A and E twice, and each time they do blood tests to check my Tropinin levels which are normal, once they also did a chest scan and all was clear.

    It's difficult and I still have days where I think it must be something else, but then days when I feel normal I think to myself it must of been anxiety. A couple of things which help for me...

    Sleep routine, I always try to go to bed at the same time. I will read a book for half hour to an hour which will help me unwind. I also put on creams like "lush sleepy moisturizer" which have lavender. I always associate this smell with sleeping and it helps me to get in that mindset.

    Meditation - Helps me to clear my mind for the day ahead. Try to put by a little time for mediation, if you are new too it see the Headspace series on Netflix. Or download something like Headspace or Calm which are mobile apps.

    Hope this can be helpful in some way, but yes if you find out anything further keep us updated. Fingers crossed the physical symptoms start to die down for you as they are horrible, and really debilitating. Good Luck, and also don't feel like you can't speak to your GP a lot. Anxiety is so difficult, but be persistent with them.

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    Hi Maria
    How are you now? I have had vaccine several weeks ago but recently have been experiencing left arm pain which comes ang goes.It isnt severe but am still trying to convince myself it's more than likely a strained muscle or maybe nerve pain.

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    I am no better sadly. Feel awful. Really don't know if it is the jab or not. Dont want to put anyone off having it. I dont tolerste things normally. Never felt so ill which vaccine did you have

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    I also have a Hiatial hernia and had some of the symptoms previously but as you said not as constant.
    I tried doing the usual relaxing, deep breathing and telling myself it was anxiety and that I experienced it all before and it got a lot better! I know notice I only seem to get them after I've been thinking of them which usually is a sign an anxiety symptom is leaving me.
    I also have been having a flare up of acid reflux which I get from my hiatial hernia this usually does cause faster heart rate, chest pains and feeling like I've swallowed too much air.When I started taking gaviscon again and watching what I was eating more this helped a lot!
    I had also been really anxious about getting vaccine even though I had wanted it for soo long it's hard to ignore some of the scare mongering stories.I noticed I started worrying about symptoms around the same time I was reading negative stories re the vaccines.Making sure I'm getting proper facts and not spending all day researching these things and trying to get back to normal things forgetting I've had the vaccine or any anxiety symptoms has been a huge help also.
    I really hope you feel better soon,
    Have you spoke to doc again about it?

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    Energy better but still very short breath at times. Feel it is my acid or hernia. Hope you are improving

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    Re: Weird symptoms

    I've started taking tablets for my acid reflux again along with gaviscone.I am having a flare up at the minute and it causes symptoms similar to yours so trying to reassure myself it's the same as I've had before and stay calm as stress definitely makes mine a lot worse and last longer.
    Glad to hear your energy levels are coming back and hopefully you feel back to yourself soon!

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