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    Hey,I'm Leanne, I normally post in the symptoms or health anxiety (my main cause of anxiety) Forum but today's different,lately I've found meditating, doing my hair, make up, getting dressed, going for walks have really been helping me cope I almost feel a bit normal which also feels odd.
    Anyway, I'm trying to discover what else triggers me and the past few weeks its been my boyfriend.
    He's so angry all the time, constantly miserable,moaning ALOT and I seem to be on egg shells, when he's at work and I'm with my son alone I seem to be so content and I feel happy, soon as its his near finishing time I seem to start panicking bad.
    I have told him and he gets even more angry.. its almost draining.
    Example tonight. I did the dishes like I always do.. he's gone in to get a bowl and because how I've stacked them on the drainer he has kicked off throwing it off the side.. I have no idea why he goes like this. Is it normal?
    I don't even know why I've posted this or what I expect of it hut maybe he isn't good for me? Maybe I need to ask him to leave after all my mental state us much more important for my sake and for my sons, but having this conversation with him is making me so anxious again! .
    Since I've realised he makes me bad I'm also aware now of the fact he doesn't do much else other then the above.
    I just wish life was easy. I'm sick of being anxious weather general or health related. And now I'm also sad. Very sad I fact. No idea what to even do. Sorry for the post I suppose.

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    Re: Wondering...

    Hiyer Leanne,

    Is it normal ? Well, for some people yes it clearly is (like your boyfriend), but not normal for loving, caring, rational, considerate partners. Its not how people should be behaving or being treated. His anger has you constantly on edge clearly, and I can see why with a ridiculous overreaction to just a bowl on the draining board. I think there are some very deep issues here about your relationship, and do you have friends or family you can confide in ? It sounds like you have evaluated anything positive that you gain from him being around, which isn't anything much, so maybe its time to put yourself first.

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    Re: Wondering...

    What he's doing is not ok. And no, you don't have to tolerate it. You've made steps to recover which seem to be working, but even with the absence of anxiety you shouldn't have to tolerate that kind of behaviour from him. It's not good for children to be around either. If you've spoken to him about it and he's ignored it or dismissed it, perhaps it is time for a change.

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    Re: Wondering...

    Obviously, something is going on with him. That said, it doesn't warrant that type of treatment or behavior. I think some serious introspection into the relationship is in order.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Wondering...

    Is this type of behaviour unusual for him Leanne, or is it a pattern?

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