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Thread: Very short cycle / frequent periods

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    Very short cycle / frequent periods

    I am so anxious and in need of reassurance.
    Iím up to date with tests and all and am generally very healthy, have very regular normal length cycles. Last month I was very emotionally stressed (bereavement) and also started working out relatively more/eating less (not drastically, quite a conservative calorie deficit) . Though I had been less active before this, I am quite athletic, used to compete in gymnastics and CrossFit, so I am not brand new to fphysical activity. I am not on any birth control, neither do I have any devices of any sort. Last month I got my period earlier than normal (within 15 days of the last one) and I also didnít have the usual mild breast tenderness that I experience before periods. I thought this would be a one off, but this month the period came, again, 15 days after he last one. Again with no pms symptoms Other than that I donít have any unusual cramps or weird symptoms. But what I have is extreme health anxiety. And this is the second time so I canít just say itís a fluke. Of course I am scared I have some kind of cancer. I am probably going to get my next Pap smear early but Iíd love some reassurance from you all. I am 29.

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    Re: Very short cycle / frequent periods

    I used to get periods every 2 weeks and it was nothing sinister.

    If it continues then speak to your doctor. I ended up getting a Mirena coil to sort things out.

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