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Thread: No way out 😥

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    No way out 😥

    Firstly I want to say that I know that nobody on here is a doctor or qualified to give me medical advice but I truly appreciate each and every one of you take the time to try to reassure me and others in our difficult times.

    I have been so lucky in that I have been well for a good few years up until now and for that I am so thankful!

    Unfortunately things changed a few weeks ago when I had a real health scare (possible diabetes) which I had to have bloods taken to check for, thankfully I don't have diabetes, however my hypothyroidism is worse (never worried me before) and also my white blood count was slightly raised, my GP put my hypo meds up and suggested that I may have an infection so prescribed antibiotics, I'd had a stinging throat for a couple of days and felt like my throat was swollen or like I had a lump in my throat, also asked my son to look at my throat and he said he could see a white patch on one tonsil and a couple of white spots on the other, the throat feeling became worse and I started to feel like there was something stuck in my throat (A pill or small piece of food) by this time my HA was in full swing.

    I'd had to ask my poor mum to come and stay as I really wasn't managing and I have 3 young boys as well as being a single mum.

    I wrote on here out of desperation terrified that my throat issues were something a lot more scary and I got some lovely replies from some of the sweet members on here which really did help!

    Fast forward to around 2 weeks later and after finishing my antibiotics the throat feeling is still there most of the time although I barely felt ot at all yesterday and it seems fine in the mornings.

    The white on my tonsils is still there, no pain at all since those first couple of days and this is now causing me to not want to eat because it's always worse after I do, especially after dinner when i have a larger meal, it feels like food is stuck.

    I have completely changed my diet to a completely and now only eat healthy foods and have increased my water intake, I am not eating snacky foods or sweet stuff at all.

    I come on here and read practically identical stories of others who have or are dealt/dealing with the same and it looks like globus but a lot of people i have read have said that this did/has lasted months or even years! This terrifies me 😔
    It is taking everything in me not to make myself sick all the time and or completely freak out and its only been a few weeks!

    I did call my GP around a week ago about this and was told to continue my antibiotics and that all my bloods were normal apart from the thyroid and white blood count but if it didn't clear up he could refer me to ENT, this is another fear because
    A. I'm terrified of having a scope put down my throat
    B. I'm worried that it could be that my thyroid is constricting my throat
    C. Scared of anything else they may find

    I'm laying here in tears unable to sleep, praying that this goes, I don't know what to do, and to top it all off my mum has to go back home on Sunday as my boys will be returning to school (they were home schooled due to Uk lockdown) and it's not safe for her to be here with them going to and from school, I just feel so alone and so scared 😭

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Iím sorry you are going through this, you sound really sad and worried.

    Practical things first, could it be thrush? Itís very common with antibiotics. Could you check with your gp? It would definitely cause scratchiness and white marks.
    You could try a medicated mouth was like corsodyl which can help.

    And next, Iím glad that youíve been doing well. Everyone has blips now and again, but I know how depressing it can be when they come. But donít beat yourself up about feeling down, maybe try to just look after yourself until youíre feeling better. Your doctor is following a path and making sure that you are treated properly.

    It could definitely be globus too. Iíve had that as well. The first course of action isnít necessary an endoscopy- although Iíve also had one of them and the actual procedure wasnít half as bad as my anxiety about it.

    So I think, finish your antibiotics but also ask your gp if it sounds like you have thrush.
    Also ask them for some help with your anxiety.

    Talk to us any time x

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Ps. Try some gaviscon after meals too. Antibiotics play havoc with your digestion. As does anxiety.

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Thank you so much Scass for taking the time to reply to me and for offering some really good advice, I didn't think of trying some mouthwash so will definitely grab some.

    I have changed my diet completely, thinking about speaking to my Dr about what vitamins I could possibly add too, I try to get some exercise when I feel able.

    I'm happy that the scope isn't necessarily the first thing and that ot wasn't too bad for you.

    I'm usually pretty good at talking myself down from symptoms of anxiety and all too aware of the crazy amount of things it causes 😏

    But I have a hard time with physical illness (Non anxiety related) and if this is anxiety related it's a whole new symptom for me after 20 years of HA.

    I guess all I can do is what you have suggested, take each day as it comes and try not to think about what "could" happen.

    Can I ask if there was anything that helped you when you had globus? Also was there anything you told yourself that helped you deal with it?

    Thank you again, I truly appreciate you giving your time to try and help me

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Forgot to say I have been taking meds for reflux but only a small dose as I have changed my diet so don't tend to need them when not eating fatty foods

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Globus can be connected to reflux but it can also happen with chronic anxiety. It's when you actually have problems swallowing that the doctors are concerned.

    I don't think that your thyroid will be connected with this sensation. I've had half of my thyroid removed and am due to have my annual scan on the remaining bit next week..and have also been having similar problems to you so I'll tell you what is said to me!

    There's quite a lot online about globus including throat and neck exercises you can do. Make sure you look for "Globus NHS" though. Also massaging the area where you feel the "lump"can help.

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Thank you for replying Pulisa,
    I can swallow fine, in fact I don't feel it whilst eating only after, pills are sometimes difficult because it feels as though they didn't go down but I think that is me panicking.

    Sorry you've had to go through that with your thyroid, I pray that all is well with your scan and would be very grateful to hear what you are told!

    I will take a look at globus via the NHS, didn't think of that due to not wanting to go down the Google route but I'll check it out.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to reply to me!

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    Re: No way out 😥

    The fact that you don't have problems with swallowing and don't feel the lump when swallowing is a good indication of globus because the the muscle relaxes with food and only contracts again afterwards to give you the lump sensation.

    I'm not worried about my scan and hope it will be the final one after surgery but of course will report back to you. I'm on thyroxine too now after op-induced hypothyroidism.

    Hang on to the fact that you can swallow just fine-it's a very reassuring sign.

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueEeyes View Post
    Forgot to say I have been taking meds for reflux but only a small dose as I have changed my diet so don't tend to need them when not eating fatty foods
    That could be part of it. If you're taking PPIs and stop or not take them as prescribed, you run the risk of bounce back reflux. Your body adjusts and gets used to the med and when you stop, your body can produce more acid as a reaction. That's why weaning off, if you're coming off of them is recommended. My wife and I take a PPI regularly even with a good diet (FODMAP) and they've really helped us.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Thank you both for your replies, yes eating food I actually look forward to (sad huh!) But as soon as I have finished it's like.....hey remember me?!
    Trying to stop myself from constantly swallowing (when not eating) because I only feel it more, like a pill is stuck or something, oh and throat clearing, I can feel I am irritating my throat so really got to consciously pay attention in stopping that!

    Fishmanpa thank you for pointing that out! I will return to my usual dose fingers crossed it may help even if just a little 😊

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