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Thread: No way out 😥

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueEeyes View Post
    Thank you so much Scass for taking the time to reply to me and for offering some really good advice, I didn't think of trying some mouthwash so will definitely grab some.

    I have changed my diet completely, thinking about speaking to my Dr about what vitamins I could possibly add too, I try to get some exercise when I feel able.

    I'm happy that the scope isn't necessarily the first thing and that ot wasn't too bad for you.

    I'm usually pretty good at talking myself down from symptoms of anxiety and all too aware of the crazy amount of things it causes

    But I have a hard time with physical illness (Non anxiety related) and if this is anxiety related it's a whole new symptom for me after 20 years of HA.

    I guess all I can do is what you have suggested, take each day as it comes and try not to think about what "could" happen.

    Can I ask if there was anything that helped you when you had globus? Also was there anything you told yourself that helped you deal with it?

    Thank you again, I truly appreciate you giving your time to try and help me
    I donít know if anything helped when I had it, other than realising it was most likely anxiety related and that it will get better soon.

    Really good advice as usual from Pulisa and Fishmanpa.

    I have a hard time with physical illness too, so youíre not alone.

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    Re: No way out 😥

    Try to avoid clearing your throat constantly because that just aggravates things.

    I'd try going back to your prescribed PPI dosage and see if this improves the sensation.

    Globus is a horrible feeling so enjoy the respite eating brings and remember to watch out for too many acidic foods like tomatoes/spicy stuff.

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