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Thread: Nose cancer fears

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    Nose cancer fears

    Iíve suffered with nose scabs for years and think nothing of it but the last month, a white swelling has developed on the inside of one of my nostrils (on the septum part? I donít know the correct anatomical name!) itís like a white lump thatís sore to touch, it doesnít bleed but I do get nose bleeds when blowing my nose which I assume is due to weak blood vessels. Because itís a white lump, Iím stressed out that itís a cancerous growth especially as Iíve done extensive googling and found nobody with this problem :(

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    Re: Nose cancer fears

    The extensive googling will always say cancer.

    Why can't it be a spot/boil/cyst?

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    Re: Nose cancer fears

    I know this is an old post but did you ever find out what it is? I have the same problem although my nose lump isn’t sore. Thanks x

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