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Thread: Had my first panic attack in a long time

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    Had my first panic attack in a long time

    Hi everyone. I had a really hard time two nights ago and felt like I was having a heart attack or dying. I知 pretty sure it was a panic attack because having my roommate next to me while I laid down helped calm me down and I eventually went to sleep.

    I felt dizzy, lightheaded, felt like I was going to faint, felt like my throat was closing up and as if the air was getting pulled out of me. My chest was tight and I started to feel like I was forgetting things. I was just losing it.

    Part of me is paranoid that I suffered some mild heart attack or that I知 due to die soon from heart problems. I知 24 and overweight. But other than that my health is fine.

    I have a lot of stressors in my live right now. I just moved away from my homophobic emotionally abusive parents, I started working in person again, I take public transit, had my vaccine, lost my psychiatrist because of insurance stuff, and just a lot going on.

    It was just so scary experiencing that. It was the worst panic attack I ever had in my life.

    Anyone else feel like this during their panic attacks?

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    All those symptoms and so many more. It’s part of what makes them so scary, you can have different/new symptoms every time. Learning how to manage the stress should help reduce the attacks, but if you do have one then just try to relax and breathe through it. They pass much quicker if you don’t let yourself get caught up in the panic of it all.

    If it came and went that quickly, I’d say it was very likely a panic attack. Always a good idea to get checked out by a doc if it’s been some time since you were seen. But if this was a couple days ago and you haven’t had the symptoms since...I probably wouldn’t be too worried if it were me.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    I didn't keep track but I'd say it lasted like 30 minutes? I've had 2 ekgs in the past already after panic attacks and they came clear. I'm trying to manage being at work right now and I found a guided imagery podcast for panic attacks that helped me stay calm on the train. Since I do have OCD and health anxiety, I don't want to jump to the doctor so quick because then I'll get stuck in that symptoms, checking, doctor, test, etc cycle.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    I will also add that I recently switched birth control pills too so maybe the hormonal changes are making me more prone to anxiety right now on top of all the life changes.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    Sounds a lot like a panic attack to me!

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    I'm still worrying that it was/ I am going to have a heart attack. I keep burping a lot and I read that burping a lot can be an early warning sign of a heart attack. Now I do struggle with heartburn and I do tend to eat fast so maybe I'm just a gassy person in general but I keep getting left sided chest pain. It feels superficial. I don't feel it in my heart or deep in my chest. I also get left arm and shoulder aches.

    Idk I have dealt with these symptoms before and have had EKGs show I was fine a few years ago. I'm just really paranoid right now and I don't want to go to the doctor because I don't want to feed that paranoia.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    I also feel like I'm tensing my left side and shoulder a lot so I might be making the discomfort worse.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    I have night terrors. Had one last night. They present similar symptoms. I've learned to relax when they occur. Last night I just lay there while unable to move waiting for my body to wake up. Usually I'd panic but this time I didn't. I was able to observe my breathing was very shallow. Eventually I woke up and could breath myself and I fell asleep almost instantly.

    But prior to this I'd freak out. It sounds like you could have nocturnal panic; which I have experienced many times too.

    Do you have any major life changes recently? Anything up and coming that you're worried about? Those are the usual culprits for me.
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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    Your not alone,

    I am a long term sufferer of panic attacks and anxiety. 20+ years. I am medicated which usually keeps them at bay. However today for the first time in years. I went to the supermarket, I was so proud of myself for plucking up the courage to leave my cave and venture out.
    I did fantastic, until I got to the tills. The new dividers between the tills, jumped out at me, making me almost knock them all over. This was enough to panic me. I started to shake, hyperventilate and panic, all I could do was keep apologizing, the very kind lady behind the till told me to take deep breaths. Not her fault, but her kindness over whelmed me and I started to cry. Now highly embarrassed. I couldn't wait to get out of there. The lady asked if it was my first time in the shop, which gave me comfort that she knew something real was up. I explained I'm agoraphobic, she hurried my stuff stuff through so I could get away.
    Back in my friends car, I explained why I was a mess but couldn't calm down. My heart was jumping out of my chest. When I got home, I sat down thinking I could control myself. However that didn't happen. A full on panic attack broke out. sweating, shaking, hyperventilating and crying, my head was going to explode. Knowing myself I grabbed for my phone and luckily was able to ring my daughter for help. I find that distraction is the best help in this situation. It took an hour to calm me down. Just talking to her, made it manageable for me. Soon my head became fuzzy, my whole body ached and I felt wiped out. This is very normal after an attack for me, so sleep was next. Thank god it was over.
    I hope this is okay to write here, I just wanted to let you know, Your not alone. It doesn't have to be a major event, something so silly can put me there too.

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    Re: Had my first panic attack in a long time

    Guys, how do you deal with light attacks? Or how was it? Recently I noticed that in a skate park (only there) panic, hysteria begins, I cannot breathe and a wild fear that I cannot control the chaotic movements of people around. I think this is a panic attack. But I've been skateboarding for a long time and this hasn't happened before. And the option not to go there anymore is not an option for me either.

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