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Thread: First Time Poster (Why I convinced myself of rabies and why i feel stupid!)

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    First Time Poster (Why I convinced myself of rabies and why i feel stupid!)

    So, for retrospect to my current predicament, here is what kicked off my "rabies" HA -

    Previously, about a year ago, a friend had found some kittens and they were obviously not vaccinated. He got them other shots and vet care. They were cute and normal, one day one of them but my finger and it got super infected. I than was like "oh let me make sure i dont get rabies, otherwise treatments are expensive" not realizing you CANT treat it.

    Went to the ER and they gave me the entire Immunoglobulin and round of shots. They are now both healthy cats and i feel like an absolute idiot.

    Fastforward to today -

    I have a one year old blue heeler. Hes awesome, rowdy and a big pain in my ass but a good pup. Fully vaccinated. His booster for rabies is coming up in a week. Otherwise hes fine. One day at the park we are tossing the ball around and he accidentally creates the SMALLEST cut, but it does bleed. All of a sudden, it floods into my mind. OMG, i have rabies. I tried tossing off the thought but it started to pervade everything. Now its back. So annoying!

    To try and "calm" myself I look at the facts
    - My puppy is acting normal after ten days of being in the house (quarantining if you will)
    -I dont allow him out of my sight, even to pee or play. Like a hawk, even at the dog park, he stays away from other dogs and doesnt really play
    -My girlfriend got nipped much worse by him (like a huge cut from rough ball play and she was dripping blood) and this was two months ago.
    -His vaccination is getting boosted in a week.
    -Playing with our new puppy and sleeping and eating normally

    So by using that mentality, she (my gf) should already be dead from rabies and so should the dog...twice. Also that if a bite occurs, they should be dead after that..again hes very much alive.

    I think its the fact that being a veteran and having been in dangerous scenarios I can control, when its something I "cant" control is what freaks me a rabies death sounds absolutely horrible

    any feedback, wisdom or input is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: First Time Poster (Why I convinced myself of rabies and why i feel stupid!)

    I think you pretty much rationalized this yourself TBH.

    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: First Time Poster (Why I convinced myself of rabies and why i feel stupid!)

    First of all- you were vaccinated a year ago... in humans it is recommended for boosters ( if high exposure lifestyle) or to check titers every 2 years...

    Second your dog is vaxxed. Technically rabies is over-vaccinated much of the time in our pets- you can thank the blessed cdc/ fda and big pharma who are absolutely right about everything (COVID?) for that 🙄... if your pet received the full round of shots as a puppy, it is likely if you checked his titers even 3-5 years from now he would still show antibodies.

    Now- you might not be asking for the following, but I love sharing knowledge I have learned.

    Now legally, in the us- you must vaccinate for rabies for your pets, but let me encourage you to really do your research- try to go with the 3 year, mercury free purevax by merial, and find a holistic vet who will give you a detox ( cost me $5 a few days ago for my cat) along with their vaccine). I noticed A HUGE difference this time around when she was vaccinated with a better version and detoxed- she was dead tired on the floor for days last time- this time she was like her perky self...

    The rabies vaccine for pets is one of the highest potency vaccines on the market for them, and much of the time has been linked to sarcomas ( a very difficult cancer) at the site of injection after years of repeated innoculation due to the adjuvants they put in it- hence why you donít want them to put it in the neck....if they do it in a limb, they could amputate- if they do it in neck... thatís it. I vax my cat for 3 years and will run titers next time around.

    Hope this gives you some helpful info

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