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Thread: Big hugs for our Admins

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    Big hugs for our Admins

    In light of a tough 24hrs hours on here I thought it a good idea for us to show them our appreciation for all they do.

    They've got their own battles to get through without us adding to them and I'm grateful they are here and not locked up somewhere in a corner dosed up but still ranting about some stupid thread or other

    So big from me and I have no doubt plenty others will be coming soon.

    (Please no references to the recent subjects or members in this thread. Positivity only)
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    I'm still a work in progress.
    Currently working on: World Domination

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    I can't begin to imagine how time-consuming and stressful it must be..So plenty of s and very grateful thanks from me!

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    More from me! Thanks for doing such a great job!
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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    It certainly can't be easy trying to be fair to everyone and we have to be thankful that Admin allows us to express our feelings so freely, especially through these difficult times when there is so much censorship everywhere.
    And at times it is difficult and we need to remember that they have there own mental health issues too.
    So sending a big hug

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    Thank you Admins you rock. Gold stars all round.

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    Thank you

    Evenings like yesterday can be really frustrating... where you can see what is happening, that everyone just ends up winding each other up and thus the arguments just continue on the threads and we can clearly see that if people just take a step back and stop replying then things like last night just don't happen..... but in that moment I don't think the frustrated members see that and we end up like we did last night with over 15 reported posts.

    We completely understand that sometimes things get frustrating and there will be things that you don't agree with but we do urge you to in that case take a step back and just think that everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if sometimes those opinions really are 'out there'. They are entitled to those opinions and to voice them as long as they do not then push that view onto others.

    Anyway thanks again and Keep safe out there <3
    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    Big hugs for Admins

    I am new here today, I am really missing human contact. Miss a good hug.
    So happy to send some. Spread the love.

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    Thanks everyone - much appreciated.

    We have had problems on the FaceBook group today as well so we are busy busy

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    Re: Big hugs for our Admins

    Yes also a big thank you for giving up your time for us all, l don't think people think sometimes how hard it is for all of you too, remember guys adims have problems too so be more mindful xx

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