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Thread: Rib pain I think

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    Rib pain I think

    Hi everyone just needed to know something from people with HA

    Basically for a couple weeks Iíve been feeling some pressure under my right rib, it can move around but mostly there it just feels dull and like thereís something there, I had a feel around and nothing there and my doctor told me over the phone itís likely my anxiety and sheíll see me on the 30th.

    If I donít focus too much on it I canít feel it but now I canít stop focusing on it and all day Iím convincing myself my liver is swollen and Iím gonna end up in hospital and Iím getting so scared.

    If I focus on it will it make the sensation worse? could it just be in my head? I have been worried about cancer recently and seen it can spread to liver then I get this discomfort there like wtf!! Itís worth mentioning I have ibs and constipation so Iím not sure if theyíre related. Iím just so scared, I was meant to be going to see friends today but Iíve been having panic attacks as Iím so scared itís my liver and Iím going to die.

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    Re: Rib pain I think

    I've been getting this exact same sensation but under my left rib. It's not painful but more of a pressure. I too, suffer from ibs so I'm very sure it's gas. That's exactly what yours sounds like, too.

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    Re: Rib pain I think

    Hi! I have had this same thing since around the end of January. Anyhow it was just a pain that was there for about 3 weeks and usually with my anxiety I have rules now and I said "ok, if it still there in a month, I can get it checked" Oddly enough, so my sister in law has the same problem. We both deal with, to some degree-health anxiety. After a month it was still there and then I really began to focus on it. It is right under my right rib and sometimes moves to the side and to the back. My bloods came back normal but I had to get an ultrasound just to be sure. It came back clear as well. Now, it could be digestive or it can also be your spine. I have had the exact same issue on my left side 7 years ago. It could be costochondritis or just a misaligned spine. I was really worried because over COVID we have stayed in and ate and drank things that were so unhealthy I was so convinced it was my liver. I still have the pain however it is less prevalent since my tests came back clear. I am trying to eat much better and do stretches as well. I think the pandemic is making things worse for people, for peace of mind I would recommend getting it checked out just so that you can get on with your day. I feel a lot better now that I know that there is nothing really serious going on. Also, other symptoms would be happening other than just the pain if it were one of your major organs.

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    Re: Rib pain I think

    .....or it could simply just be an aching muscle.

    If I don’t focus too much on it I can’t feel it but now I can’t stop focusing on it and all day I’m convincing myself my liver is swollen and I’m gonna end up in hospital and I’m getting so scared.
    it can move around
    ...anything that disappears when you don't focus on it, and moves around, is most certainly nothing to worry about, and it tells you why the doctor thinks its your anxiety and hypervigilance on minor bodily sensations.

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