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Thread: paased my level 2 in English

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    paased my level 2 in English

    Been a long time coming, with lockdowns, Christmas etc

    Finally achieved my level 2 in Adult function skills in English

    Currently doing a customer service course at the same college, but my friend Shannon is not doing it, the bonus is the tutor can't jokingly ask us how the wedding plans are going, since Shannon is not the same course as me. Had Shannon and I been at college on April 1st we would have pulled off an April fool joke, saying we have got engaged to each other.

    As for my voluntary work this is on and off, I have no idea what is happening now, now it the start of the new tax year. I emailed one of my colleagues, no work for me to do from home yet.
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    Re: paased my level 2 in English

    Congratulations !

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    Re: paased my level 2 in English

    Well done, Phil! That's a fantastic achievement!

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    Re: paased my level 2 in English

    Thanks Pulisa and Carys

    Had Shannon would have been on the customer service course as me, with having the same tutor like we had for our entry level for English, the banter would have carried on with the tutor. even though me and Shannon would have not be able to sit next to each other, because of social distance rules with covid19.

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