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Thread: Positive MRI experience

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    Positive MRI experience

    I just wanted to post this for anyone panicking about having an MRI scan.

    I went for one this afternoon on my spine so this meant I would need to be fully into the scanner so that my spine was in the middle. I was so so worried about feeling closed in. Iíve had an MRI before on my abdomen but couldnít remember how it felt so I was super worried today.

    Anyway, I was slid into the machine. Yes itís small and it feels close if you open your eyes BUT all I needed to do was tilt my head backwards slightly and I could see out of the top end. The radiographer even stood there and told me to look at him to stop me panicking.

    The machine is loud, and it feels warm when itís whirring and banging away as thatís when it is scanning but I was given headphone and music played for me to try and drown it out a little. It does a bit but I couldnít really hear the music over the noise of the machine which was a shame because the music she played was pretty good lol.

    Anyway, literally 20 minutes later she was talking to me saying it was all done and she was coming to get me out! I remember being in the machine for about 45 minutes last time so this was a nice surprise.

    She got me out and I was free to go! No panic attacks in the machine, nothing.

    So if anyone is worried, please just try and relax. Itís not pleasant but it is manageable. Focus on breathing when in the scanner and donít worry about the warm feeling, thatís totally normal!

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    Re: Positive MRI experience

    All good advice fizzymoon. I hope it helps those who need an MRI to realise that with a positive mindset, its surprising what can be achieved. They must be used to people feeling claustrophobic in the machines, so probably have lots of strategies to help out.

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    Re: Positive MRI experience

    That's a calm experience of yours as for most, they will panic. How about the result? Is you spine okay?

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    Re: Positive MRI experience

    Quote Originally Posted by meltedchic View Post
    That's a calm experience of yours as for most, they will panic. How about the result? Is you spine okay?
    Iím still waiting on the result but should find out later this week or early next week. Fingers crossed!

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