As many of you have seen there have been many arguments on the forum over the past couple of months. Most of which end up in many reported posts on both sides, a lot demanding we do something.

The question is from us…… how do you know what we do behind the scenes? Who we send PMs to? Who we discipline, how many endless discussions we have, how much time we spend on trying to sort things out……

The answer is…? You have no idea. We do not announce to the forum every detail of what goes on Admin wise and we shouldn’t be expected to.

There have been several evenings where I come home from work, eat and go straight into dealing with the reported posts which sometimes last all evening to deal with.

No More Panic has always been a safe place for people with anxiety to come and talk about their anxiety and receive advice…. It has never been a discussion site where people come to discuss a non-anxiety related topic…. But we let some through as obviously people need some relaxation and be distracted from the anxiety too.

The Covid discussions are not ones that are helping with this, in fact, they are doing the opposite, just causing major stress and upset to a lot of members… Members have left the forum, NOT because they disagree with different ‘sides’ of arguments and leave because we allow the different views on the forum BUT because of the arguing, it causes between members. It causes an awful lot more distress and anxiety for those witnessing the arguments than it will ever help.

Admins will do their utmost to monitor the threads more thoroughly, deleting any links or posts which we deem are not in the interest of the forum.

If there are any arguments on the threads in the future then the following will happen....

1. All general covid discussion threads will be closed and removed. These are the ones that tend to get out of hand and personal against other members.
2. Admins will remove any new Covid discussion threads subsequently started after a thread is closed (please don’t start them)
3. Please do not change a general anxiety thread into another Covid discussion.
4. Members will be encouraged to report any thread they feel goes against these or any posts they have problems with and admins will discuss and take the appropriate action we feel is needed.

The Admins Decisions are final.