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Thread: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

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    Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    Hi everyone. I recently got a lot of blood work done after having two miscarriages.

    Everything came back OK except for my ANA results which came back positive, homogenous 1:640. Everything Iíve read said that high of a level is pretty much a guarantee for an autoimmune disease and even worse - itís probably really progressed and severe.

    I have NO Lupus symptoms outside of a red face that I believe is more likely rosacea bc I flush when I get nervous or mad, and the sun has no effect on it. I workout for 45 min a day normally and walk on average 5 miles a day with nothing more than normal fatigue.

    Of course though ever since seeing these blood test results last week my heathy anxiety has cropped up and now I have every autoimmune symptom in the book. It doesnít help that my doctor hasnít even acknowledged my test result yet.

    Has anyone had a similar blood test result and turned out ok? Or even ended up having an autoimmune disease but it wasnít super progressed?

    Considering calling a Rheum on Monday if my obgyn doesnít tell me anything.

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    Re: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    I had exactly the same result as you in November last year. Doctor told me it was nothing to worry about as all other bloods came back normal. So try not to worry, or Google!


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    Re: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    Dee, thank you so much for the reply! Did your doctor order any further tests?

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    Re: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    No, he said because the other blood tests were fine then there was nothing to worry about.


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    Re: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    Hi - I gave your test results a quick google and couldn't find anything that says you have a progressive and severe case of lupus. In fact what I found is that you can't judge anything by this one test. It is usually given to confirm lupus in someone already thought to have it by their symptoms and signs. it's not given as a front line test for lupus. Even though most people with lupus have a positive ANA, most people who have a positive ANA do not have lupus. Here's one article that came up that will hopefully make you feel a little better.

    "If a randomly selected population were to be screened with ANA testing, 50 or more healthy people with a positive ANA would be identified for every one patient with systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE). A pre-existing clinical suspicion of systemic rheumatic disease is critical to enhance the clinical utility of a positive ANA result. In the absence of clinical or laboratory markers supporting a diagnosis of rheumatic disease, a positive ANA is seldom useful."

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    Re: Spiraling over lupus after bad blood test results

    Thank you ���� I think I’ve gone through 60 pages of Google at this point lol.

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