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Thread: Old Thread, same sentiments! THANK YOU everyone.

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    Old Thread, same sentiments! THANK YOU everyone.

    I just found the below in my threads... it's from October 2013!

    Life has moved on a lot since then but I still feel exactly the same about this place. Why not pop a few quid in the coffers if you can? I'm so grateful for No More Panic and am always sending friends here!

    OP on old thread:

    I just wanted to express - like so many before me - a HUGE thank you to all my friends on here.

    Life has been quite hellish for a while but I know I always have people to turn to here, both on the forums and privately, and I simply cannot thank all of you enough. I know that like me, you probably don't feel you are doing a huge amount by posting a few words now and again, but every post and every word of encouragement has been a massive help in getting through this awful time.

    I value this community so much - speaking as someone who was a Vicar's wife for twenty years, I would say that this place and its people extend the same pastoral care to each other as a truly good church. Never take it for granted, always keep looking out for those little posts which might otherwise go unanswered... let's keep on looking after each other. We are doing a magnificent job.

    So give yourselves all a mahoosive pat on the backs to start the week.

    Thank you a million times for your love and support.

    All manner of thing shall be well... (Julian of Norwich)

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    Re: Old Thread, same sentiments! THANK YOU everyone.

    Nice, lovely to read some cheerful and kind words

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