I recently learned my Dad's friend who is 50 has started experiencing skipped beats. My Dad is no longer with us, but I keep in touch with his friend because I grew up with him and he got me into computers when I was younger.

He said: "James, I have to go to the hospital for checkups I think there is something wrong with my heart". I asked him what was up with his heart and he said "It's skipping every 3rd or 4th beat, but doctors don't seem bothered. It's non stop".

I donned the tweed suit, grabbed the cane, and prepared myself to educate him. Because this is my area of expertise

I explained to him what he has, and he seemed shocked I knew. He didn't know I've dealt with heart palpitations and ectopic heartbeats for 20 years. But, he felt comfortable that somebody could relate to him.

I know what his worries are, and he is excessively worrying over a handful of things. The worries occupy his brain a lot. Whenever he thinks about a family member his ectopics come one. He couldn't understand how it was related to stress and how stress can cause them.

But, it does.

I seen him for the first time in 20 years today, and it was so strange because he was constantly checking his pulse. I seen myself in him. I grabbed his arm and said pass me your wrist. I checked his heartbeat, and I said "Now feel mine".

His heartbeat was normal to me. He said "Strange when you took my pulse I had none". Haven't we all been there before?!

My pulse was racing. I had just been abruptly woken up because my Dad's friend turned up unexpected. I was in mid wakeup panic and half asleep. I said to him "Feel my pulse, it's different to yours ... this is what anxiety feels like". He seemed surprised, and at the same time I felt like today I had a purpose. Today I helped somebody calm their fears.

Just wanted to share that.