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Thread: Cold at night

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    Cold at night

    Hi guys,
    Iíve started to suffer with being really cold at night even if itís warm, I then start to shake uncontrollably.
    Now I used to be really nesh but since my anxiety has been worse I was experiences hot flashes a lot. However, the last few months I am feeling really
    cold in bed. I do take 5mg bisoprolol, but I have done for a long time.
    I also do get the shaking really bad if I have bad anxiety, but the coldness Is throwing me. Sometimes itís my extremities other times itís my whole body like last night.

    Anyone have the same or experienced something similar??

    Thanks k xx

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    Re: Cold at night

    Hi Havefaith, I wish I had answers for you. I do not. I do, however, share your symptoms. I get cold and hot flashes at night. This has been going on since February. I went to see my doctor because I started a new blood pressure medication and the precautions said to seek medical advice if you start getting cold. So, my doc checked my pulse in my wrists and ankles and did blood work. Everything was fine.

    I have woken up shaking or vibrating for years. Since Iíve been cold, Iíve wondered if the two are connected.

    My best guess is anxiety. I get cold and hot flashes during the day sometimes. I usually donít shake during the day, but I think that could be related to waking up or something.

    Best Wishes to You!!!
    ~ Debbie

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    Re: Cold at night

    Thanks Debbie. I know that bisoprolol is used to lower bp too so maybe itís that?
    Itís nice to k ow Iím not alone. For some reason Iím always more anxious at night. Most of the time in the day Iím ok but as soon as night hits Iím really bad xxx

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    Re: Cold at night

    I experienced the cold shivering feeling for a few months a couple years ago. I would wake up in the middle of the night literally shaking and feeling like I was cold to the bone. It would eventually subside in a few minutes, but those few minutes were terrifying. I've also gotten the exact opposite, hot flashes, a few times. Also only at night and waking me up from sleep. Still don't know what caused them, as I don't really get these now (my symptoms have moved on to tingling/burning and nausea and malaise waking me up instead). I think it could have been anxiety especially since symptoms didn't last, or it could have been something related to hormonal dysregulation since I have PCOS and was just coming off of the Depo-Provera shot.

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