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Thread: Numb leg and mini stroke worries

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    Numb leg and mini stroke worries

    Hi all, I'm in a bad way.

    Last night I woke up to wee and as I stood, I noticed my right leg had an uncomfortable numb, full feeling - it didn't feel like dead legs i've had before. After panicking a bit, it went away in about a minute. Immediately I became obsessed with it being a mini stroke. It was also weak which is concerning, and on one side only.

    I'm trying to rationalise with myself that this is just the way I slept (on my back with one leg straight and the affected leg sort of crossed a bit like when you're sitting on the floor) but there wasn;t major pressure on the leg so i;m not sure.

    Have anyone ever woken up with a really weird, numb, uncomfortable or full feeling in just one of their legs?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Numb leg and mini stroke worries

    Hi Jess, Iím sorry we didnít reply to this sooner. It does sound like it was just in the way you slept. Are you all ok now?

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    Re: Numb leg and mini stroke worries

    Yeah, I get this. So does my o/h.
    Because we've had it a few times we've put it down to lying in an awkward position and the weight of the duvet on top. It's not a drastic feeling, just like you say and it goes away. I'm sure this is quite common and nothing to worry about.

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