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Thread: Citalopram Tinittus

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    Re: Citalopram Tinittus

    Thank you panic_down_under for all the advice. Ok, I'll stick to the half tab every day just for just another week. My head is scrambled I need to get back into control as jumping from one solution to another.
    I dont have a psychiatrist or counsellor for support as getting access to those services is very difficult so essentially all I got is GP who has limited mental health experience, my bro who understands as he going thru similar situation and advice on here and what I can piece together from Internet.

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    Re: Citalopram Tinittus

    Cool. I forgot to add that if the tinnitus persists while taking citalopram then you could try a switch to escitalopram. Citalopram contains two isomers of citalopram, the bioactive 'S' isomer, aka escitalopram, and the 'R' mirror image form which is a poorer fit biologically and so is mostly inactive. While the difference is small it can create a difference in the side-effects each produces. I can't guarantee switching would help, but doing so shouldn't cause any issues so is worth a shot if needed.

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    Re: Citalopram Tinittus

    Thanks for that. Really appreciate your help.

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