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Thread: Has anyone ever had this with anxiety?

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    Has anyone ever had this with anxiety?

    Hi everyone,

    So I'm curious, if this is particularly common with anxiety or not. Bit of background on me-long-term HA sufferer here, had a near-breakdown circa 2014 where I thought I had every disease under the sun and recovered from that thanks to Prozac and a lot of help. I've been doing a lot better lately with my HA. I'm better able to see through my anxiety and see it for what it is, but I know my anxiety will always be there, sitting in the background, waiting. That's just the way of my life, unfortunately.

    So, since November 2019, I've been experiencing really sharp, tight pains in my stomach. The first time it happened was in the middle of the night and it woke me up. It felt like I couldn't move or breathe. Like something inside of me was tightening up and pulling on my insides. The pain is typically near my belly button, but doesn't seem to have a preference for a side yet. That's what made me not worry so much because why would a pain related to something serious be moving about like that? It happens every now and then and I've been to the doctor about and got a vague "it could be IBS," etc.

    Lately, I've been experiencing odd bouts of constipation that I've discovered is most likely linked to anxiety at work with going to the toilet. I work in a call centre and break times are strictly monitored so I've worked out that it's most likely linked to that fear of going over my time.

    But the pain is back in my stomach. A while ago, I was in a shop and it didn't leave for nearly an hour. It was hard moving around. That hasn't happened since, so I thought, maybe just a one-off, but last week, I was in bed, asleep, lying on my side as normal and was woken by this pain in my stomach. The exact same pain I've had for ages. I moved onto my back straight away and it disappeared completely. Now it's happened this week a few times. I sometimes can feel my stomach clenching, and maybe that's it. Maybe all of this time I've been tensing up and not even realising it and that's my body's way of saying, "loosen up, woman." Just want to know if this is common with anxiety, especially with those that present with physical symptoms?

    And if anyone else has experienced this, what helped you get rid of it? I've been tempted to call my doctor about the issues and make sure it's nothing health-related first before focusing on the mental bit, but don't know if I should try and tackle it from an anxiety standpoint first.
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    Re: Has anyone ever had this with anxiety?

    IBS and similar conditions can be triggered by stress. And think of all the muscles around that area (mine aren't visible &#128514, if you are tense it could cause pain. Stress can disrupt bowel movements as well.

    Each to their own, but I would get checked by your doctor to rule out anything else and then concentrate on relaxation.

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    Re: Has anyone ever had this with anxiety?

    Not sure why the numbers appear in my message above.

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