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Thread: Weight loss - is this normal after a minor diet change?

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    Weight loss - is this normal after a minor diet change?

    So at the end of last year my BP was measuring a bit high, still is probably a bit high and I haven't measured since, and I made the decision to try a gradual lifestyle change and lose some weight. I've always had an issue with losing weight cause I start to worry about it being a symptom of something more sinister.
    I decided to start by reducing sugar and getting more exercise. I completely stopped drinking sugary sodas, going for water or the diet option if I do want something sweeter. So I went from 93 kilos in January to between 85 and 86 in mid March, when I decided to slow down a little bit and not hyper obsess about the diet like I had been doing but still keep not drinking any sugary drinks. But now I start to worry a bit. I still haven't gained any of the weight back and am still around 85 despite not having been on diet for a month.
    Is this worrisome or is it really possible that simply eliminating all the calories I was drinking in sugary drinks is still keeping me losing weight or maintaining my current weight? I have often heard that if you lose 10% of your body weight in few months then that could be a bad sign. But I guess that is without trying.....?

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    Re: Weight loss - is this normal after a minor diet change?

    There are many variables here, but the first thing I want to address is the 10% body weight statement. I've lost 10% of my body weight in a week under times of stress. Losing 10% in a few months is completely normal when you're TRYING to lose weight. Is it not obvious that if you reduce certain calorie sources, you will lose weight?

    On top of that sugary drinks are very high risk for putting/keeping weight on. Not all calories are the same, and you've cut out the calories most likely to cause weight gain. Let's assume you were drinking 1 litre of sugary soda per day, that's 400-500 calories per day from just sugar, and the kind of sugar that spikes your insulin very quickly. Insulin is the hormone that causes fat storage, and if you're sipping sugary soda's all day then your insulin is 'on' all day. Just by cutting out the sugary drinks you are most likely reducing the amount of time your body is exposed to insulin a lot.

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