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Thread: Cannot cope with Health Anxiety. Irrgegular menstrual cycle

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    Cannot cope with Health Anxiety. Irrgegular menstrual cycle


    My cycle has been exactly 30 days for most of my life (I am 24). I am not on the pill and always previously had heavy periods.

    Over the last year my periods have become very short. The last couple of periods I have also gotten early by 2-3 days. Which isn't concerning to a normal person but an anxious one can't stop obsessing over it. I have also noticed a lot of clear watery discharge in between periods- read this could just be ovulation? i have always had some white discharge but I can't remember this watery discharge in the past.

    Anyway I have also been so hyper fixed on this i think the skin around my vulva looks darker and I just cannot stop spiralling / thinking about it.

    I went to the doctors, they weren't concerned by the short periods. They didn't want to do any tests but i asked for them to check my thyroid which i am booked in for. they asked if i had any other symptoms and I said no. However, wondering if i should have mentioned the discharge. Its only the last 2 periods that have been early so i will mention that at my next appointment.

    I have also been fixated on how when I'm on my period and i wipe my bum there is blood on the tissue. I always assumed this was from the vagina as it has happened to me for as long as i can remember but I'm suddenly spiralling and thinking it could be rectal bleeding on my period which might be endometriosis? I have been fixated on this ever since i noticed blood on my underwear one time in between a period, bright red, thought it came from my bum, but since I've been having womens troubles i am now wondering if this could be spotting and that is something i should have told to the doctor. Then the next day i am convinced it was from my bum and i have colon cancer.

    I cannot stop spiralling :(

    Please help me :(

    I don't know what to do :(

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    Re: Cannot cope with Health Anxiety. Irrgegular menstrual cycle

    Hi, I hope you’re well, I just wanted to try and reassure you, I am 24 too, and my periods use to be THE worst, they were so heavy, but now they’re light and last 3 days, I always have white and watery discharge, your discharge will go by why phase of your cycle you’re in. It’s completely normal for us to have discharge.

    When I was 20 I had some irregular bleeding between periods and I requested a colposcopy, they found I had Cervical ectropion, due to having my children, and I also had abnormal cells of the cervix that my body just cleared up on there own, I would say if you’re ever worried about anything there’s no harm in us getting checked out, but what you’ve described I’ve had the same all of it. But if getting some tests will make your anxiety less then that’s what I would do

    All the best x

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