I can imagine that your dad is under a hell of a lot of strain but still wants to remain in charge of what goes on in his home and rightly so. I'm glad that he'll be having some help for your mum though although I'm sure this will be pretty limited.

From personal experience I know how easy it easy to lose it when tension runs high. I'm pleased that you were able to talk to someone helpful and informative, Lenco. I don't trust SS because they promise the earth and then don't follow it up because your case doesn't tick the right boxes so I can understand your dad's hesitancy. You need stability and predictability in your life and hopefully the day centre can provide this additional support to complement home life which must be very stressful at times with your mum's issues?

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I know how hard this past year plus has been for my 2, both of whom have significant MH issues and there's been minimal support.