Hi everyone,
Iíve been referred to a breast clinic after describing my symptoms to my gp over the phone (we couldnít visit face to face because of COVID). Iím absolutely petrified. Iím only 33, I called the GP after noticing a long, hard cord-like lump running from under my boob into it. I donít know how else to describe it, itís not like a round lump itís like a hard vein.
Iíve no idea where it came from and now Iím checking both boobs to see what else I can find and Iím convinced the cord thing leads to a lump, and I can feel smaller ones all over both boobs.
My health anxiety is awful so Iíve been having trouble sleeping and focusing and itís taken over my mind. I spiral into panic whenever I hear from the doctors or think about going to the breast clinic.
My anxiety is so bad I can barely eat and when I do I have tummy troubles.
I just want to go to the clinic and get this over so I know what Iím dealing with, the not knowing is exhausting me. :(