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Thread: Sertraline Noob

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    Re: Sertraline Noob

    Quote Originally Posted by Scissel73 View Post
    Thank you for your concern. I believe its likely both anxiety and WD - I'm at .25mg 3 times a day from double that, but I just can't seem to function well without it ... I've tried to cut back and my agoraphobia gets difficult.

    ...I'm now on 10mg of escitalopram and my APRN wants to increase at some point, but its the same issue; even though I'm not sexually active, I don't like being "dead" either, so we're gonna take it slowly this time,
    I get your angst, but I don't see the point of taking a med at what seems to be an ineffective dose. Also be aware that BZDs can impact the libido to a significant degree too.

    and I will consider your thread discussing this side effect. Because of my cardiac condition(s), they wouldn't want to put me on something to cause issues - seeing I'm on several medication (blood thinner - blood pressure - statin).
    Ginkgo biloba is the only one of the suggestions which may be risky as it is an anticoagulant.

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    Re: Sertraline Noob

    Again, I'm grateful for your advice. Yeah, I don't know what to do at this point, as I've said before, I feel like I have to 'lead' my APRN - she is nonchalant to say the very least. I'll try to write more perhaps in another thread of my own as I don't want to encroach on this gentleman's thread.

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