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    I haven't been here in a while. I have felt so empty, lost, without direction. I find my anxiety more and more and the more I try to hide it, the worse it gets. I need to cover, cry, vent, laugh. I feel like I got lost from who I was and I don't even recognize myself anymore.

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    Re: feeling lost

    You can really lose yourself in anxiety sometimes canít you.
    What do you try in terms of relaxation or mindfulness? Is there anything that has helped in the past?

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    Re: feeling lost

    Hiding my anxiety definitely made things worse for me. Being more “open” with how miserable I truly am has sort of helped me as weird as that may sound.

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    Re: feeling lost

    I'm not the same person I once was - not by any stretch. I try to remember that I need to focus on the here and now, because we can't go back to whom we 'used to be'. Life changes and we change.

    Do you have people in real life that you can confide in? I actually don't other than my therapist and I talk her ear off - good to find a therapist you can relate to.

    That being said.. we all wear a 'mask' and sometime sometimes putting on a facade can be helpful to deal with those times when we feel vulnerable or lost.

    I hope you will feel better soon.

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    Re: feeling lost

    I have found talking to people, the right people, ones you know you can trust helpful. Breathing techniques are also really beneficial when it comes to being in the moment and focusing on what is happening here and now. You are stronger than you think and doing really well to feel able to reach out for some guidance with this. Let us know if you find any techniques in particular that work well for you

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