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Thread: Any fave app or software that you can't live without?

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    Re: Any fave app or software that you can't live without?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishmanpa View Post
    FishManPa... an abbreviation of my screen name here

    I like Waze way better than Google maps because it will find alternate routes due to traffic, warn you of police, accidents etc. and help you find things like rest stops, restaurants, hotels and such when you're traveling.

    Oh that is where FMP stands for that is cool man! I thought it was an app too hehehe. I agree with Waze is way better, its just that I'm more exposed to Google maps. But I prefer Waze.

    Quote Originally Posted by WiredIncorrectly View Post
    I learned of a maps application that works offline. I sent it to family members to see if it's useful for them and they seemed amazed. Might be helpful:
    Hey, this is good. Thanks for sharing. I will check this out!

    Quote Originally Posted by WiredIncorrectly View Post
    And me Do you use Illustrator too?
    I have tried using it only once. Still unfamiliar with the interface. Is it way better than Photoshop?

    Quote Originally Posted by Solarbind View Post
    I am using Canva for designing and Picsart for photo editing - both are mobile apps.
    I do use Canva too but for cover designs only and for projects that are urgent. They have good templates there.

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    Re: Any fave app or software that you can't live without?

    Nutracheck is a dieting app that's played a major part in my weight loss. Without it I'm pretty sure I'd have got tired of counting calories, but the app does all that for you. Now I've reached my desired weight, I still use it to stop me drifting back into bad habits.
    'It was a wedding ring, destined to be found in a cheap hotel, lost in a kitchen sink, or thrown in a wishing well' - Marillion, Clutching at Straws, 1987

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