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Thread: Pelvic gurgling, bloating

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    Pelvic gurgling, bloating

    Hello everyone. I've been in an ovarian cancer spiral for awhile now. So many symptoms I didn't realize could be oc, such as heartburn and back/hip/leg pain, I am experiencing and have been for months (the heartburn for at least a year). Now, for the last few weeks I've had this persistent feeling in my pelvis of gurgling or bubbles popping.

    I used to get this sensation rarely, and associated it with my cycle. However I'm on depo and no longer get a period, and the feeling is now constant. I didn't think much of it, until I found an article talking about woman who had "stomach flutters" and it turned out to be oc.

    I am beside myself. My pelvis feels tight too at times, and I have bloating that lessens but never goes away completely. I know oc at 30 is rare, but there also doesn't seem to be a shortage of woman 20-30 with stories of misdiagnosis.

    Has anyone had this pelvic Bubbling sensation? If oc bloating is caused by fluid in the abdomen, does my stomach still being soft and pliable sound different to that? I've taken probiotics for a week and they've helped my bowel movements regulate, but thr bloating is still there.

    My anxiety has been terrible for months and I know the stress on my body could affect me in numerous ways - and I was experiencing none of these symptoms prior. But they also say oc symptoms have a sudden onset, and I just can't calm myself down. Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Pelvic gurgling, bloating

    exactly the same as me, have had test for c, chrones disease and the rest all ok, it was in my case just chronic ibs


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    Re: Pelvic gurgling, bloating

    Sounds more like IBS to me

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