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Thread: Covid and fear of long covid

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    Covid and fear of long covid


    Sorry for a long post i know most people hate reading so much lol. Anyway here is my story... up u till April 12 2021 i was a happy go lucky guy, friends, going out, everything...but then I got diagnosed with covid on the date states above. Now the first 8 days were a breeze with nothing to worry about just a cough. But they on days 9-10 i could t sleep...i dont know why, I asked myself was it the virus? Is it in my brain? Will I ever sleep? ...and then Full Panic Mode (mind you I have suffered from health anxiety for many years and generalized anxiety) went to the ER and had my many bloods test for kidney damage, heart damage, liver damage, and ekg...all clear. I also had a ct scan which showed slight pneumonia but my oxygen was fine the whole time and thankfully no blood clots. They gave me xanax and i was finally able to calm down, they sent me home, and I finally slept. When I woke up the next day I had a fever and they gave me antibiotics and steroids and the fever went away forever. For the next 4 days I could not sleep without the xanax. And then came the real scare that I am suffering till now...reports of people with LONG COVID...i was been more than 3 weeks and I tested negative again for the virus...however reports of people with long covid are identical to that of people with anxiety. So now i live everyday in fear looking at my syptoms worrying if I have long covid. Asking myself am i like these people??? I joined facebook groups and nothing but horror stories. I am paralyzed... I fear I now have no life. I dont know what Im looking for here , maybe just a place to vent. Thank you all so much hope someone is listening.

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    Re: Covid and fear of long covid

    Stop joining Facebook groups, stop reading horror stories, stop analysing every symptom you feel. You might have 'long covid', you might not. Worrying about it won't change anything.

    However, if you DID have pneumonia (even a mild case) and have been on antibiotics that can take several weeks to recover from anyway.

    Take a course or two of good probiotics, make sure you eat healthily, focus on getting as much rest as possible and ride it out.

    The first thing to do is to stop mentally predicting catastrophe. Pull yourself together and take each day is it comes. You'll recover much, much faster that way.

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    Re: Covid and fear of long covid

    Hello, I had covid in late december and it took me until late February to get back to normal, although I could work and go for short walks in late January. I had an ECG and blood tests as i was concerned about chest pains but they all came back fine, slight abnormality with my liver but thats been fine since. The doctor said chest pains were due to inflamed muscles from the virus, it's how they react to it and they settle on their own.

    My boyfriend was quite ill, bedridden for a few weeks but once he started recovering he did so quickly. Now we are both completely back to normal and will be doing a long distance hike next week! It takes a while to recover from but that doesn't mean it's long covid.

    All the best, I'm sure you'll be ok!

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