Hey all,

I posted on here last month about some GI issues following an antibiotic. This seemed to get better and resolve with the help of probiotics. Things have started to progress though suddenly when stress came back into my life. I have a new job and while I am being trained at the new job, I am working at my old job on the days I'm not at my new job.

Ever since I got the job offer, I started noticing symptoms like frequent bathroom trips(up to four times a day at one point), gas pains/pains in abdomen here and there, passing a lot of gas, feeling like I didn't finish going poo, and soft stools that at rare times look to have a thin appearance.

I discussed my concerns with the doctor today. He thought that my symptoms sounded like IBS and not anything serious such as colon cancer. He wants me to wait and see if my symptoms resolve once I get adjusted into my new job. As anyone with health anxiety knows though, waiting is agony. My symptoms have me on high alert nearly every day.

I keep trying to assure myself of the positive such as colon cancer being rare in my age group(26) and having no blood in my stool. It is getting increasingly tough though.

I am in the process of getting set up with counseling. My doctor even encouraged me today as he feels a lot of this has to do with my anxiety. I am looking forward to it as I really need to find some healthy coping methods. Until then, all I can do is try to fight this anxiety.