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Thread: Coughing- worried about lung cancer so scared

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    Coughing- worried about lung cancer so scared


    A few weeks ago I developed a cough, itís not like a tickly cough, or is it chesty in that itís non productive. It starts with a sensation in my chest that makes me need to cough - it sort of sounds a little barky when I cough and itís not like a long coughÖ more like a ahem ahem (so just 2 coughs) but it happens continuously throughout the day. Gosh my babbling probably is making no sense. Sometimes it feels like a feeling right at the bottom of where my throat and chest meet and it makes me want to cough. Iím also getting left shoulder pain.

    I had a phone consultation with my drs surgery last week and they sent me for a chest X-ray which I had Thursday. I havenít had the results yet but Iím so scared.

    Stupidly I googled hoping to reassure myself but obviously this didnít happen! I actually learnt that itís more common in young women than breast and ovary cancer and I found out Iím at increased risk because my dad passed away of lung cancer and because I grew up breathing in a lot of second hand smoke in the home. Iím so so anxious! Iím 35 with a little girl and I just want to be healthy and be with her for as long as possible :,(

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    Re: Coughing- worried about lung cancer so scared

    This is one of my numerous fears that pops up a lot for me so I know the panic youíre feeling. 1. This sounds like you are manifesting this cough due to anxiety. Are you waking up hacking and gasping for breath? When you sleep does it go away? Anxiety can make you cough. And the more you google and remain paranoid, the worse your cough will become.

    2. If your X-ray were bad, you would know by now. Trust me. You donít know because their is no urgency.

    3. Shoulder pain is rarely a sign of LC. If you did have this you would have far more symptoms that Iím not gonna go into because then you will start on those.

    4. Stop googling. It will send you right down the rabbit hole.

    I hope this goes away for you soon. We all have our worries. I know how hard it is. Itís going to be okay

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    Re: Coughing- worried about lung cancer so scared

    There are 5 causes of chronic cough (I know as I have had one for 13 weeks) not one of them is deadly.

    The chances of LC at your age is very very small, if you donít smoke, itís almost non existent.

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    Re: Coughing- worried about lung cancer so scared

    Hi Kirsty!
    Sorry you’re feeling so rubbish! Coughs can come and go for all sorts of reasons. Anxiety included if you are focusing on it, which could then cause irritation and coughing.
    I’m a nurse on a respiratory ward so I work with lots of lung cancer patients and patients with diseases causing coughing. Most lung ca patients are smokers and a lot older than you. They usually have other signs and symptoms and coughing is rarely the sole sign.
    Some coughs just linger for a while and gradually phase themselves out. It’s rarely anything serious xx

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