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Thread: rhinitis

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    Hello, has anyone been diagnosed with rhinitis before?

    Today at work I stood up after bending over and my nose poured with what looked like a white/yellow watery liquid. It happened twice with no warning. Luckily my mask caught it but where was a good amount. I contacted my dr as ive had what I think was a tension headache for a couple of weeks on and off and heís come back with rhinitis and suggested a spray and antihistamine but if it gets worse or doesnít settle let him know.

    Iíll be honest I googled and Iím terrified itís a CSF leak

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    Re: rhinitis

    I really don't think it is CSF but of course you looked for the worst case scenario

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    Re: rhinitis

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    I really don't think it is CSF but of course you looked for the worst case scenario
    I know! Itís typical of me! Iím really scared tonight which I know isnít going to help. Iíve never had this happen before and I really feel on edge waiting for it to happen again

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