I'm going through a bad patch anxiety wise. I haven't been doing too badly. I've been accepting and 'floating' through my anxiety and using grounding techniques so things have improved a little.

BUT, my husband is triggering my anxiety quite majorly. For the past couple of months he has been experiencing intestinal/back problems. He saw the dr a few times and was referred for a colonoscopy and an ultrasound. Due to wait times he booked a private MRI of his lower back hoping to shed some light on the pain, plus his mother and brother both diedna few years ago from cancer, so he majorly fears this. The pain increased vastly and we ended up at minor injuries. He then had the MRI. Next day he was in so much pain I called 111 and he ended up going to A&E. They gave him pain killers and sent him home. Next day he ended up calling me at work in tears so I rushed home and took him to the doctors - awful trip, he ended up being thrown out of the practice for not being very nice to the gp. The results came through for the MRI - a little degeneration to L4/5 but no other problems. He was still in pain so as he'd been told that it might take 6 months for an ultrasound he booked a private one. It was at this point I fell to pieces quite majorly, after numerous stresses, bereavement, my husbands health crisis tipped me over the edge.

So he had the ultrasound of his abdomen and it showed no problems - he was convinced he had gallstones.

He had changed his diet in the belief that it was gallstones and the pain had improved, once he go the all clear on that he resumed his normal diet.

The pain slowly started coming back. So now he's experiencing a lot of pain again and not sleeping. He had another visit to A&E after the visit to the doctors, but that was because he had been kicked out of his gp practice and hadn't got a new GP practice.

So anyway, yesterday he was in a right state, exhausted from lack of sleep and pain. His anxiety levels are going up and so are mine too. He phoned the GP this morning to try and get an appointment (he will have a phone consultation yesterday), and I just walked in on him trying to book a private colonoscopy.

I'm not sure why this is triggering me so badly when I have been slowly but surely improving. But my anxiety levels are running pretty high and this makes me very fearful that I'm losing the small amount of headway that I've made. It feels like his anxiety is being funneled to me and I don't like it.

I'm trying to tell myself that this is his problem and it will get sorted and distance myself from it. But it isn't working so far.

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.