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Thread: Weird leg symptoms...anxiety?

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    Weird leg symptoms...anxiety?

    Hi everyone,

    I haven't posted on here in a long while but just wanted to get some support/see if anyone else has experienced this. For the past month I've been getting a weird "tingly" sensation in my shins and calves, not quite pins and needles but just a tingling. I'm not sure if it's always there and when I'm busy I don't notice it as much or if it comes and goes. It all started one night with both my knees going completely numb randomly, which I put down to wearing jeans and thought I must have been sat in a funny position. But that night the tingling started and hasn't stopped.
    I called my GP just for some advice and a nurse called me back and not to be rude but she was no help. She suggested I make some "household changes" as maybe something was irritating my skin and wouldn't listen when I tried to explain it's not my skin that's tingling, it's inside and there are no rashes etc and the rest of my legs feel fine!
    Today after a walk I had twitching in my legs too...I'm assuming it's some kind of nerve thing. My main question is..has anyone else had it, and can it be anxiety if it's only in a part of your legs?! I'm trying my best not to let my mind wander to any MS/spinal issues but its tough when this seems to be never ending and is driving me nuts now. I should probably mention...I'm 27, no other issues apart from an overactive thyroid a few years ago that's now under control. Have recently started working from home so less active than I was before if that could be a part of it.

    Thank you in advance x

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    Re: Weird leg symptoms...anxiety?

    Sounds as though it could be to do with how you are sitting to work. Could be pinching a nerve or something. Try getting up and walking round every 20 minutes (my Occy Health recommended this). See if that helps.

    It COULD be anxiety - it could be loads of things of course, but the most likely from what you say is that you are sitting in a position which is somehow affecting your legs. Have a think about it.
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    Re: Weird leg symptoms...anxiety?

    Hi, because you have the twitching as well it's more likely to be anxiety. The feeling you get under the skin is very common. The feeling of crawling like ants is due to excess adrenaline caused by anxiety and any tight clothing could magnify that feeling. Muscle twitching can cause a numbness affect to because they become overworked. Nerves can react to.
    Walking and moving about can relieve some of this.

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