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Thread: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

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    Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    Ladies, i have worked myself up into a real state!

    I felt a little sore down there earlier this week after doing the deed with hubby and took a look, i noticed a deeper red patch on my vulva that feels a little swollen too.

    I gave it a couple of days to see if it settled and it hasn't, i called the GP this morning and he has scared me witless! He has given me an appointment for tomorrow morning and said this needs to be checked ASAP.

    I do feel sore, i seem to have had nothing but issues recently with a prolapse, vaginal dryness (using vagifem ) etc and now this on top has not helped.

    I feel like once i hit 40 its all gone down hill!

    Has anyone had similar? i have literally talked myself into having vulvar cancer

    thank you xx

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    Re: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    I am prone to cysts all over my body and I have had them downstairs. They usually start as a small sensitive red patch and get bigger, then there's usually some discharge and they go away.

    You GP checking is probably the best thing just to make sure. I've had antibiotics in the past, but even without them they usually go away on their own.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Re: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    Did you go see your gp? How did it all go?

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    Re: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    What happened?

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    Re: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    Hi, so sorry only just seen this!

    My GP referred me under the 2 week wait to see a gynaecologist because i had got myself so worked up. I saw both a gynaecologist and also a consultant gynaecologist, he told me that its irritation! He took swabs which came back negative.

    I still have the patch, sometimes its redder, sometimes more pink and i have also started to feel dry on my labia majora and generally uncomfortable ' down there'.

    I'm starting to think this could all be related to peri menopause as i am having lots of other things going on, i actually have a consultation with my GP this afternoon to see if she can offer topical oestrogen for me to try, i don't hold out much hope but you never know!

    Are you having the same issues?

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    Re: Darker red patch on vulva, so scared :(

    Well that's good news they don't think it's anything serious....I was yes but all seems to have settled now

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