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Thread: C diff after antibiotics?

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    C diff after antibiotics?

    I had a UTI at the end of May and was given antibiotics for 8 days. Suddenly today I had diarrhoea that smelt sweet and nausea. I looked up the antibiotic and itís a broad spectrum that is the highest risk for C diff. I am freaking out. Iím scared I will get severely ill with this.

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    Re: C diff after antibiotics?

    I got cdiff 3 months after I took Clindamycin. It was a sickness like no other. We are talking 30 trips to the bathroom in one night until there was nothing but blood tinged water and I had never been so dehydrated, dizzy, and ill. I would give it a few day. Take probiotics- I recommend something with s. Boullardii as well as drinking kefir. Rule of thumb is if you have watery diarrhea more than 3X a day for more than 3 days, go and get tested and treated. Hoping it is nothing. Antibiotics can sometimes just give you diarrhea without it necessarily being cdiff.

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    Re: C diff after antibiotics?

    Thank you for the reply, Iím sorry to hear you went through that. Mine is mild, Iíve had worse diarrhoea from eating a cheese pizza... still Iíve been obsessing about it the entire day due to it smelling weird. But yes I need to see if itís better tomorrow. The waiting game is hard :/

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