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Thread: Tight band around waist

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    Tight band around waist

    Hi all,

    I've avoided posting in here for months but I'm at the end of my rope at the moment so have relented. I've been suffering with constipation for several weeks now (exacerbated by anxiety of going to the bathroom after the first bout) although had diarrhea this morning out of nowhere. But I've been getting a sensation a lot that seems to start in my middle back (just above the kidneys) where it just feels swollen and it sometimes spreads out to my ribs and my waist, making me feel bloated. It's uncomfortable no matter what position I'm in. I also keep waking up with sore hips. I don't know if it might be spinal or kidney related or maybe intestinal but it's freaking me the eff out and I just want to calm down about it because I know panicking isn't going to help.

    Has anyone had anything similar. It doesn't hurt when I pee and I don't think there's any blood. Stools whilst often hard to pass still look a normal colour etc. Appetite is fine too (or as good as it usually is in too hot weather).

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    Re: Tight band around waist

    I get this with my IBS.
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