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Thread: Heart Health Anxiety.... Again

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    Re: Heart Health Anxiety.... Again

    I can't shift this feeling that my heart is failing!
    I slept better last night than I have in days but woke up with my heart pounding. I thought the palps had eased but had another one while sitting on the sofa.
    Sometimes just getting up and walking to the kitchen makes my heart race.

    I do have some stressful things going on at the minute but I wouldn't say I'm actively stressed about them if that makes sense. So could this be subconscious?

    I'm finding it hard to believe this is just anxiety now. I genuinely think I'm about to drop down dead or something.

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    Re: Heart Health Anxiety.... Again

    Sometimes we donít feel stressed or anxious but subconsciously we very much are and trust me, I didnít use to buy into that. A few years ago I lost my house and my family and I had to go live with my mother. I had an extremely hard time finding a place but I didnít feel overly stressed about it but in reality I was extremely stressed!!!!! I started dropping weight like crazy. Iím talking I lost over 30 pounds in less then a months time. I thought I was dying. My mom kept telling me it was stress but my brain just wouldnít accept it because I didnít feel overly stressed, I have felt more stressed in the past and didnít drop weight like this butttttt soon as I got into my new place I stopped losing weight and putting it back on.

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    Re: Heart Health Anxiety.... Again

    Quote Originally Posted by WorryWendy View Post

    When I had my ECG last year, it came out with an auto reading of abnormal. I queried this with the consultant and he said it always says that if your heart rate is too high (mine was over 100 at the time)

    Is this true? Or did it pick something up and they've missed it?
    I had an ECG in the doctors surgery once. I'd developed White Coat Syndrome so my heart starts racing as soon as my @rse hits the seat of the waiting room chair!

    The result came back as abnormal (it was about 120) and the (new) nurse was flapping, as was I by then! I had to put my head between my knees I was hyperventilating so much!

    Then she got the doc in who looked at it and said in an almost bored way - absolutely fine - everything firing as it should do - just fast.

    Yeah. I'd been ripping off the chest pads and preparing to be whisked off in an ambulance...

    .... ten minutes later, I was in Starbucks having a brew!

    So, honestly, forget this one. The ECG would have picked up if there was a serious electrical issue. Fast heart rate in an otherwise healthy heart? Consider it a workout for your ticker!
    Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight.

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    Re: Heart Health Anxiety.... Again

    I know logically it probably won't happen but I just can't shake this feeling that my heart is just going to stop soon.

    I'm also having lots of sharp left sided chest pain. Lack of appetite etc; not even sure what it is. GERD? Gastritis? Stomach cancer?

    HA is the worst!

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