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Thread: Concerned about blood pressure

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    Concerned about blood pressure

    I went to the doctors and during my appointment I got my blood pressure checked for the first time in a couple of years and it was high. The doctor didn't seem too concerned and said it could be because of anxiety and to get it tested when I have an appointment again in a few months. Once I got home I used a blood pressure monitor that my family has at home. The result I got was 148 91 which is stage 2 hypertension. I was still a little anxious when I took the test this time around and apparently the results of the blood pressure monitor we have at home can be inaccurate sometimes giving slightly higher readings, although from what I remember the result was similar to the one I got from the first test at the doctors. I also had caffeine before testing myself which may have affected the results. Regardless I am very worried about this, especially since I'm only 22 and this isn't an issue that is normal for people my age.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue?
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    Re: Concerned about blood pressure

    You need to do it when you are relaxed and not stressed out.

    One or two bad readings doesn't mean anything bad to be honest.

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